Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freakum' Dress...

"Soon as he saw me
Turned on by how the dress was fittin' right
Short and backless...see my silhouette in the moonlight
Such an attraction
Keep tellin' me how my outfit's so nice
Little did he man gon' take it off tonight...
Cause when he acts up
That's when you put it on
Leave him uptight
This is your song
Poke out your back
Time to impress
Pull out your FREAKUM' DRESS..."


Skin: SaVy...Tairo Parkin of CHANGING FACEZ & SaVy SKINS
Shape: Custom...SaVoy Nightfire of G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon)
Hair: BEYONCE...Neveah Niu of ICONIC Couture
 (Thank you Nev for ALWAYS showing me LOVE)
Dress: BEYONCE...Orage Creations
Shoes: CHIC in Black & Silver...[DIKTATOR]
 (Thank you Usermane for ALWAYS showing me LOVE)
Nails & Bracelet: Milky Way & Sinra (respectively)...MANDALA
Vibe: "Freakum' Dress" by Beyonce...("All my ladies...FREAKUM FREAKUM")
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...


  1. Your shape is sooo gorgeous I think you are very beautiful (;

  2. Thank you so much Andanda I'm flattered lol =)