Thursday, June 30, 2011

Marvin's Room...

"I've been up for three days
Adderall and Red Bull
This call is a mistake
There's somethin' STRONG in this water bottle...
I hear you got a new chick
A dancin' little Barbie Doll
I feel so pathetic
But you still haven't heard it all
F*CK that new girl that you like so bad
She's not crazy like me I bet you like that...
I said F*CK that new girl that's been in your bed
And when you're in her I know I'm in your head...
I'm just sayin' you can do better
Always turned you out everytime we were together
Once you've had the best boy you can't do better
Baby I'm the best so you can't do better..."

                                                                          Skin: Jadis... -Glam Affair-
                                            Shape: Custom...G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon)
                                           Nails: Milky Way Rings & Nails in Sun Gold...MANDALA
                                                                                       Hair: Bee...Kin
                                                                           Shirt: Flora Top...Tahari
                                                                          Shorts: Full in Green... -fd-
                                               Shoes: RIVEA in Lemon...MStyle (Many thanks Mikee)
                                              Bracelets: Big Bangles in Dore, Purple & Gradia...MONS
                                                                   Necklace: Enchainee... ::je:suis::
                                                               Earrings: Nite in Gold... [glow]Studio
                               Trench: Shoulder Trench in Beige...Polina Kaestner (No Longer Available)
                                                                     Belt 1: Wide Waist in Red... +plus
                                                                      Belt 2: Chain Belt in Gold... *JA*
Hair: ECLAT Updo... [LeLutka]
Dress: Tropic Of Cancer in Soil...Fishy Strawberry (Many thanks Fae)
Necklace: Native in Earth...SMS
Earrings: CircMe... .:NirSaR:. (Many thanks AngelQ8 for NirSaR)
Bracelet: MYSTY in Gold... .:NirSaR:. (Many thanks AngelQ8 for NirSaR)
Shoes: RIVEA in Tan...MStyle (Many thanks Mikee)
Bag: Fauna Clutch in Gold Giraffe... --LaBlaQ-- (Many thanks LaBlaQ Fashion Team)
Hair: Sleepy Head...lamb
Jacket: Bionic White Leather... --LaBlaQ-- (Many thanks LaBlaQ Fashion Team)
Bikini: Leopard.... .:NirSaR:. (Many thanks AngelQ8 for NirSaR)
Bracelets: L'Cole Bangles in Gold...2nd Avenue (Many thanks Plenty Panache & MentalKaos)
Shoes: RIVEA in Rosso...MStyle (Many thanks Mikee)
Necklace 1: My Huge Necklace in Red... (Milk Motion)
Necklace 2: SEX SELLS... [[SHADE THRONE]]
Glasses: Princess...Role Optic
Phone: WindWhisper01 in Red...LS
Vibe: "Marvin's Room"...Originally by Drake; Covered by JoJo...
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In This Shirt...

"I am lost...
 In our rainbow... now our rainbow... is gone
Overcast... by your shadow... as our worlds move on
But in this shirt... I can be you... to be near you for awhile
In this shirt... I can be you... to be near you for awhile
There's a crane... knocking down... all those things that we were
I awake... in the night... to hear the engines purr
There's a pain... it does ripple... through my frame makes me lame
There's a thorn... in my side... it's the shame it's the pride
Of you and me... ever changing... moving on now moving fast
And his touch... must be wanted... must become through your ask
But I need... Jake to tell you... that I love you it never rests
And I've bled... everyday now... for a year FOR A YEAR
I did send... you a note... on the wind for 'to read
Our names... there together... must have fallen like a seed
To the depths... of the soil... very deep in the ground
On the wind... I could hear you... call my name held the sounds
I am lost...
I am lost..."


A crisp, tailored white blouse...
An ESSENTIAL for every woman's wardrobe.
 Dressed up or down, it's a key piece that adds a fresh, classic feel to anything you pair it with. Let your accessories shine against the neutral pallette; bold jewelry and statement pieces are amplified in contrast. The one I'm wearing is from Mr. Poet, and it's my all-time favorite. Yes, it's menswear...but if you read the blog regularly you know I don't mind. The detailing is exquisite; it feels worn in like you stole it borrowed it from your boyfriend "the morning after..."
Because in this shirt, I feel SEXY... 
Skin: Monica... -Glam Affair-
Shape: Custom...G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon)
Hair: Gina... ::::Fab-U-Lous::::
Shirt: Loose White... ::[Mr.Poet]::
Headpiece: IRIS Skull... RICIELLI
Necklace: Gobi... FINESMITH
Shoes: RIVEA in Tangerine... MStyle (Many thanks Mikee)
Panty: Crystal Cameroon in Leopard... Pig
Bag: Leather Backpack... ::[Mr.Poet]::
Lashes: Avant Garde... [glow] Studio
Earrings & Bangles: Set #2... [[[SHADE THRONE]]] (Old School...Unsure of Availability)
Gloves: Fingerless Burgandy Leather...Hermony
Ring: Viktoria... Morantique Lush
VIBE: "In This Shirt" by The Irrepressibles...A musical WORK OF ART...
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Monday, June 20, 2011

In For The Kill...

"We can fight out desires
But when we start making FIRES...
We get ever so hot
Whether we like it or not...
They say we can love who we trust
But what is love without LUST...
Two hearts with accurate devotions
But what are feelings without EMOTIONS...
I'm going in for the kill
I'm doing it for a thrill
Oh I'm hoping you'll understand
And not let go of my hand..."


              KILLER dresses. KILLER shoes. DEADLY combination...

Shape: Custom...G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon)
Hair: Freaky Frizz... !BooPerFunk!
Dress: Vee in Berry...MichaMi (Many thanks Milla)
Necklace: Kabuki...MANDALA
Earrings: Kabuki...MANDALA
Bracelet: Jamila in Grey...NiRSar (Many thanks Angel)
Ring: Be Careful in Silver...LaGyo
Pistol: Desert Eagle...Brutal Weapons
Shoes: Andree in Grey... [Diktator] (Many thanks Usermane)
Hair: Runway Frizzy...MrS (HIGHLY modified)
Dress: It's A Wrap in Diesel...MichaMi (Many thanks Milla)
Necklace: Drastik Spirit...Morantique Lush
Bracelet: DZ Gold...RYCA
Ring: Caged Crow...[Bellballs] (Many thanks V.V.)
Shoes: INNA in Gold...[Diktator] (Many thanks Usermane)
Earrings: JL...House Of Fox
Vibe: "In For The Kill" by LA ROUX remixed by DJ Skream...

**Milla: Thank you for being so generous with me; I've been shopping at MichaMi for what seems like forever and you're one of my favorite designers. It means a lot to me that you showed love to the blog...THANK YOU. Visit Michami HERE...
**Usermane: You are one of the illest new shoe designers on the grid, and I love your work. Thank you for always offering me your newest releases and trusting me with your creations my friend...
THANK YOU. Visit Diktator @ Marketplace HERE...
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Monday, June 13, 2011


"I've been a bad, bad girl...
I've been careless with a delicate man
And it's a sad, sad world
When a girl will break a boy
Just because she can...
Don't you tell me to deny it
I've done wrong and I wanna suffer for my sins
I've come to you cause I need guidance to be true
And I just don't know where I can begin...
What I need is a good defense
Cause I'm feelin' like a criminal
And I need to be redeemed to the one I sinned against
Because he's all I ever knew of love...
Heaven help me for the way I am
Save me from these evil deeds before I get them done..."

Skin: Jadis...-Glam Affair-
Shape: Custom by SaVoy Nightfire...G E T  M E  BO D I E D (Coming Soon)
Hair: ECLAT Bangs...[LeLutka]
Romper: JUMP suit in Sweet...[LeLutka]
Earrings: The Bitterness 2...[glow] Studio
Bag: Louis Vuitton Back Pack...The Bag Lady
Bangles: Bracelets #3...CheerNo FEMME
Gloves: CatzArmour...GOTHICATZ
Shoes: YUKI Sock Supreme in Silver...*Kookie*
Ring: Be Careful in Gold...LaGyo
Pistol: Desert Eagle...Brutal Weapons
Necklace: Treasures Bib...Paper Couture
Hat: Felt in Gray...Shampooo
Tights: Roses Tights in Brown...M-STYLE (Many thanks Mikee)
Hair: Jacqueline in Blonde...3636
Jacket: FLOW Cardigan in Earth...[LeLutka]
Shirt: From the Silky Romper in Gold...{SMS}
Hot Pants: Short Animal # Black...Emery
Belt: From the Spotted Suit Ensemble...Paper Couture
Shoes: Andree in Beige...[Diktator] (Many thanks Usermane)
Glasses: Gunther's Fierce Baciaga Frames...Gemma Vaschwitzugenplatz
Necklace 1: Underforest...LaGyo
Necklace 2: Heart Necklace in Red...[ICoN]
Feathers on Shoulders: From the Night Heron Ensemble...Paper Couture
Bag: MAICAO in Gold...[LeLutka]
Hair: Amara in Blonde...3636 (Many thanks dianny3636)
Shirt: HELLO in Cold...[LeLutka]
Shorts: SAFARI Pants in Vanilla...[LeLutka]
Socks: Ice Cream in Pink...AOHARU
Bra: Buttoned Candy Pink Bra...Fishy Strawberry
Shoes: Athena in Black...*Kookie*
Bracelet: No 301 in Black and Zebra...*kraftika
Necklace 1: Gold-digger Pendatz by....::FabulouS::.
Necklace 2: My Skull Necklace in Black and Teal...(Milk Motion)
Bag: BLENDA in Cutis by...[LeLutka]
Cape: Helena in Charcoal...Mimikri
Earrings: Chandelier B in Gold by...-RYCA-
Glasses: Rounded Square Logo Frames...Paper Couture
Vibe: "Criminal" by Fiona Apple...Live Version Circa 1996
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sure Thing...

"If you be the cash...I'll be the rubberband
You be the match...Imma be your fuse
Painter baby...You can be the muse
I'm the reporter baby...You can be the news
Cause you're the cigarette...And I'm the smoker
We raise a bet...Cause you're the joker
Truth though
You are the chalk...And I can be the blackboard
You can be the talk...And I can be the walk
Even when the sky comes falling
Even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
So put your pretty little hand in mine
Even when I'm down to the wire baby
Even when it's do or die
We can do it baby SIMPLE and PLAIN
Cause this love is a sure thing
You can bet that...Never gotta sweat that..."

Today's look is definitely simple, but there's nothing plain about it. The dress is brand new from ISON, and Harry was kind enough to drop me a copy on Monday. I apologize for the delay in blogging, but RL has been hectic this week and I'm just getting back on track...but I digress. The dress is sophisticated and polished; the cut outs under the bustline make it special and unique, and the color is probably my favorite shade of green. It's also being made in red, white and black I believe, (is that right Harry?) but this one is available now at TFG. Also available there is this GORGEOUS Satchel by LaBlaQ. It's vintage and on-trend at the same time, and the buckle details and texturing make it a stand-out piece. I kept the accessories to a minimum to let the stars of the show shine; some simple jewelry and one of my favorite shoulder trench's finish the look, because sometimes less is indeed more...
Dress: Structured Halter Dress in Emerald by ISON
Thank you Harry for gifting me and showing the blog LOVE...
Bag: Feroce' Vintage Attic Satchel by --LaBlaQ--
Thank you iJuelz for gifting me and showing the blog LOVE...
*Both items available @ The Fashion Garrett...
Skin: Jadis by -Glam Affair-
Shape: Custom by G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon)
Hair: Baileys in Blonde by LoQ
Dress: Structured Halter in Emerald by ISON (TY Harry!)
Jacket: 4 Minute in Black by [SG*]
Bag: Feroce' Vintage Attic Satchel by --LaBlaQ-- (TY iJuelz!)
Clutch: Rome in Gold by LoQ
Bracelet: Gucci Cuff by Arbizu (TY Fionna!) (Not For Sale)
Earrings: The Abyss by [glow] Studio
Ring: Square Topaz by Donna Flora
Shoes: RIVEA Pumps in Grey Panther by M-Style (TY Mikee!)
Vibe: "Sure Thing" by Miguel (My sisters and I have been loving this song for about 2 years now, glad everybody's finally catching on to it and Miguel's genius=)
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Saturday, June 4, 2011

If I Was Your Girlfriend...

"If I was your girlfriend...
Would you let me dress you?
I mean help you pick out your clothes
Before we go out...
Not that you're helpless
But sometimes...sometimes those are the things
That being in love's about...
If I was your one and only friend
Would you run to me if somebody hurt you
Even if that somebody was me?
Sometimes I trip on how happy we could be..."

Short and sweet today; this one doesn't require much of an explanation. Just a few pieces that I'm really into right now and just sort of organically meshed for me. And that's what it's all about right? Forget what everybody else is wearing...
Sometimes things just FEEL GOOD together...
"Iconic Beauty" by Neveah Niu of ICONIC...
Thank you Nev for gifting me and showing the blog LOVE...
Visit ICONIC Couture Hair HERE...
"RIVEA Pumps" by Mikee Mokeev of M-Style...
Thank you M. for gifting me and showing the blog LOVE...
Visit M-Style HERE...
Shape: Custom by SaVoy Nightfire of G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming Soon...)
Hair: Iconic Beauty in Brick by Neveah Niu of ICONIC...TY Nev.!
Shirt: Cobrasnake Tee by Tahari
Skirt: Aragon in White by *Fishy Strawberry*
Vest: Lace Vest in Blue by RibboN
Shoes: RIVEA Pumps in Gold Panther by Mikee Mokeev of M-Style...TY M.!
Belt: V-Shaped Belt in Brown by *COCO*
Bag: Drum Case: 18in by :SEY
Bangles: Sylph in Gold by Indy&Co. 
Earrings: WVL in Gold by Ryca
Rings: Spring Fashion Rings in Black Diamond by ::House Of Hucci::
Gloves: Biker Gloves in Brown Snake by +plus
Necklace: Scilicet in Gold by LaGyo
Nails: Claw Nails by **DIRAM**
Headpiece: Mulier in Gold & Lace by LaGyo
Socks: Knee-Highs 03 by *Sheer*
Vibe: "If I Was Your Girlfriend" by Prince (It just ALWAYS makes me FEEL GOOD...)
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone...

"Aint' no sunshine when she's gone
It's not warm when she's away
Aint' no sunshine when she's gone
And she's always gone too long
Anytime she goes away...
Wonder this time where she's gone
Wonder if she's gone to stay
Aint' no sunshine when she's gone
And this house just aint' no home
Anytime she goes away
I know...Yeah
I gotta leave that girl alone
Cause aint' no sunshine when she's gone..."

Skin: Jadis by -Glam Affair-
Shape: Custom by G E T  M E  B O D I E D (Coming This Summer)
Top: The Bodice from Ella Noir (Finale Dress) by [MODERN GYPSY]
Short Pants: From The Swan Ensemble in Black by MB-Designs
Belt: From the Meteo Ensemble by ::bijou::
Earrings: Ditta by NHA!
Bag: The Weekender Tote in Red by House Of Fox
Hat: Natural Eight A in Red by Cubic Effect
Necklace: Magnitudo Necklace in Gold by LaGyo
Bangles: Gold Bracelets by Paper Couture
Hair: BALLZY Ponytail in Blonde by CHANTKARE
Shoes: Caresse in Champagne by N-CORE
Vibe: "Aint No Sunshine When She's Gone" As Performed by Neil Diamond, Street Corner Symphony and Committed
<3, SaV.

  Note: I NEVER edit garments in post-processing...what you see is ALWAYS what you will get...